Carly's Film Photo

August 2018

My most spontaneous and recent “commissioned” painting was for my dear friend Carly who lives in New York City. Carly uses her film camera to capture beautiful moments and the people and places around her. Carly’s Instagram account for her film photos is: @isledecarl

Film photo by Carly Wine @isledecarl

In June 2018 Carly posted this picture on that Instagram account. I loved the out of focus string lights, the silhouette of the skyline, and the colorful clouds. I asked for her permission to paint the image and she responded with “if you paint it I’m buying it”.

I was eager to approach this project since it is a bit different from my normal painting style. I used iridescent purple in the clouds, I added the lights of the bridge and the reflections of the string lights on the window panes. The reflection of the bridge on the water was a challenge as were the haziness of the string lights.

When I finished the painting I posted an image of it on my Instagram account and Carly immediately messaged me. I was so elated to send Carly this painting, since I felt it belonged with her. She sent me some photos of it in her apartment and my heart leapt! Thank you Carly!

Phase 1

Phase 2

Phase 3

Phase 4

Finished Painting

Finished painting hanging in Carly’s apartment

Carly holding the painting out the window from which she took the original film photo