8 ft Abstract - Living Room Panels

August 2018

A close family-friend was remodeling their living room and wanted a large, fresh, abstract piece as a focal point above their new couch. I initially met with them a couple times to look at the space and discuss what they had in mind as far as colors, general shape, and size.

We decided on a three-panel piece with a large abstract “swoosh” and geometric lines overlaid, incorporating the pops of colors in the room. I created a small mock-up painting for them and brought it over to make sure we were headed in the direction they wanted. I also sent them a digital mock-up, with my small painting photoshopped onto a photo of their wall in order to give them a better idea as to how the finished product would look.

Mock-Up painting for design

I got the go-ahead and went to work. This was my largest solo commission to date, measuring 7.5 ft when all panels are placed together (8.5 ft when hung with space between). I love the physical challenge of large scale paintings, and I hope to do more in the future. They were very happy with the result and we are discussing another commission in their dining room! Thank you Kelley and Dave!

Finished panels on the wall

The finished panels make a great focal point in their newly renovated living room!