Carly's Film Photo

August 2018

My most spontaneous and recent “commissioned” painting was for my dear friend Carly who lives in New York City. Carly uses her film camera to capture beautiful moments and the people and places around her. Carly’s Instagram account for her film photos is: @isledecarl

Film photo by Carly Wine @isledecarl

In June 2018 Carly posted this picture on that Instagram account. I loved the out of focus string lights, the silhouette of the skyline, and the colorful clouds. I asked for her permission to paint the image and she responded with “if you paint it I’m buying it”.

I was eager to approach this project since it is a bit different from my normal painting style. I used iridescent purple in the clouds, I added the lights of the bridge and the reflections of the string lights on the window panes. The reflection of the bridge on the water was a challenge as were the haziness of the string lights.

When I finished the painting I posted an image of it on my Instagram account and Carly immediately messaged me. I was so elated to send Carly this painting, since I felt it belonged with her. She sent me some photos of it in her apartment and my heart leapt! Thank you Carly!

Phase 1

Phase 2

Phase 3

Phase 4

Finished Painting

Finished painting hanging in Carly’s apartment

Carly holding the painting out the window from which she took the original film photo

8 ft Abstract - Living Room Panels

August 2018

A close family-friend was remodeling their living room and wanted a large, fresh, abstract piece as a focal point above their new couch. I initially met with them a couple times to look at the space and discuss what they had in mind as far as colors, general shape, and size.

We decided on a three-panel piece with a large abstract “swoosh” and geometric lines overlaid, incorporating the pops of colors in the room. I created a small mock-up painting for them and brought it over to make sure we were headed in the direction they wanted. I also sent them a digital mock-up, with my small painting photoshopped onto a photo of their wall in order to give them a better idea as to how the finished product would look.

Mock-Up painting for design

I got the go-ahead and went to work. This was my largest solo commission to date, measuring 7.5 ft when all panels are placed together (8.5 ft when hung with space between). I love the physical challenge of large scale paintings, and I hope to do more in the future. They were very happy with the result and we are discussing another commission in their dining room! Thank you Kelley and Dave!

Finished panels on the wall

The finished panels make a great focal point in their newly renovated living room!

New Castle County Art Studio Revival

April 2017- May 2018

Artists: Mary Birmingham and Morgan Hamilton

Before shot of hallway

A year after the initial discussion - a twice-forwarded email - my largest two-person collaborative commission is complete. The final product being a revived hallway with: a 15 ft bench using wood reclaimed from a local artist’s installation, a 4x6 ft canvas abstract painting, two 7x7 inch paintings, and a dual height coat rack.

The process over the past year has rehearsed me in several areas of art business. The most glaring lesson to me now is the challenge of navigating multiple clients with different ideas on or visions of a single project. This difference of opinion can quickly snowball into a loop of back and forth emails and discussions, and can end with never making any real decisions. For example in one of the first meetings we discussed the aspect of working with the ceramicists and students taking pottery in the studio at the end of the hallway, to help generate some of the imagery for the painting. I created a project for the ceramics class that had each student make tiles that we would incorporate onto the wall and benches. Unfortunately all of that work was for naught, as the two clients could not agree, and ultimately changed their minds. This back-and-forth between the two clients, along with working for a County-run studio full of state invoices and processing, contributed greatly to this becoming a year-long project.

After shot of hallway

Those two issues seemed to dominate the project at some points, and the actual painting and creating of the commission became a chore. And to lose the joy of the project was quite discouraging. But, I had to finish it anyway. (Especially if I wanted to get paid.)

So before stepping to the canvas with the weight of all the emails, meetings, and discussions, I had to separate things. The weight was still there, but I could not bring it with me to the act of painting because otherwise I just could not paint.

So I dropped the weight for the paint.

I said to myself “Just paint…. Just paint for the joy of painting, and that will be enough.”

And it was.

Benches, Large 4x6 ft Painting, Coatrack, Vinyl “Pottery Studio”

Credit for the woodworking (benches and coatrack) and for the digital 3D hallway design mock-up: Morgan Joseph Hamilton

For large scale commission requests please email a detailed proposal, including a reasonable budget to:

Large 4x6 ft painting full view

Detail shot of large 4 x 6 ft painting

Detail shot of dual level coat rack

small 7x7 inch painting 1

small 7x7 inch painting 2

Original 16x20 inch painting used as design for Large painting

Still shot of digital 3D hallway design mock up

Ice Dye "Molly"

June 2018

My friend Molly asked me to do a Custom Ice Dye on a old white sweatshirt she had, to give it an upgrade! Check out the before and after photos, the detail shots, and cute pics of Molly modeling her new barymirmingham original.